Dante Vespignani

Bio Information

I have spent my career in the food and restaurant industry. Prior to starting Turma, Inc., I entered business in 1973 with an Arby’s franchisee, growing the franchise to 21 restaurants with two full service concepts, Tequila Junction and the Samari Steakhouse. Switching from franchise to company operations, I held various senior management positions before leaving in 1993 as Director Operations NE United States, encompassing over 800 restaurants with 227 franchise groups. Prior to starting my own consulting firm I was the Director of Franchise Operations/Sales for a start up, full serve restaurant chain, growing that concept to over 100 restaurants. Turma, Inc. dba, evolved as a need based organization, bridging the gap for many franchise/potential franchise operators with different concepts, whose expertise was lacking in the areas of marketing, operations, menu development, site selection, P&L and food cost analysis. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, I attended The Pennsylvania State University, Blanchard Training and Development, Management 2000 and various American Management Association courses. Married and now living outside Portland, Maine, my business/franchise acumen and experience gives me a unique perspective of the models necessary to succeed in the New Career Economy market.


"He has the unique ability to analyze a situation quickly and offer creative solutions that are workable and right on the mark. He has our respect because he tells us what we need to know not necessarily what we might not want to hear. This is truly an asset and enables those he counsels to make business decisions based on fact, not emotion."

-Sherry Thacker 

President, SRT, Inc.

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